About Us

We are just a group of two guys who are passionate about technology and really want to save the environment. We truly believe that electric vehicles are going to be a major part of things which are going to change over an upcoming couple of years. Even though there are a whole lot of people who believe that electric vehicles can not replace current vehicles, which is true when range, charging infrastructure for these vehicles is considered.

But we believe that if we can reach out to some people who are considering these vehicles and encourage them to buy these electric vehicles through our blog and writing, then we would be making some change for the safety of our environment and for upcoming generations of kids. But believe us, things are going to change in some time because all the big companies are moving towards electric vehicles and charging infrastructure is also being developed. So these problems won’t matter in a couple of years.

So both of us are here to encourage you to buy EVehicles instead of the traditional vehicles and help us in saving the environment.