BMW i3 The EV from BMW

BMW i3 is a relatively smaller EV compared to other EV’s. Some people even say it looks cute. But i3 packs a lot of punch beneath its cuteness. Although there is not a lot of space on the rear seats, it is perfect for some people. A model of i3 was released in 2017,18 and 2019. Later on, BMW worked on some of the features and released in 2020 again. People who want to save some money should consider either buying the 2019 model or a used i3. On the other hand, people who don’t mind paying the sum for improvements in the new model should definitely go for the newer model. Even though this EV has two models, i3 and i3s. We will be discussing the popular model only, which is i3.

BMW i3

Now let’s move on and discuss the important features:

Range, Battery and Price


The BMW i3 has a real-world range of 235 km which is relatively low when compared to other EV’s in the segment. i3 offers range between 165 and 365 km depending on the climatic conditions in which you will be driving this EV. It provides a maximum range of 365 km in mild weather while driving in a city. And lowest of 145 km while driving on a highway in cold weather.

i3 Rear

Battery and Charging

i3 features a battery of 42.2 kWh out of which usable battery is 37.9 kWh. It can be charged by using an 11 kW AC power for normal charging and also by using a 49 kW DC charger for fast charging.

Normal Charging: The battery can be charged to its full capacity in 4h15m at a charging speed of 58km/h.

Fast Charging: The battery can be charged to its full capacity in 36 min at a charging speed of 270km/h.


BMW i3 is available for sale in many countries. Some of these countries with their respective selling price for the EV are listed below:

Germany                 €38,000

India                       1 Crore(expected price)

The Netherlands     €42,411

United Kingdom     £32,180

(The actual price may differ on the basis of your country of residence and accessories included while purchasing the car. So kindly visit the official website for accurate details.)

Performance and Interior


This small looking EV packs a punch when it comes to power. The electric motor of i3 produces a total power of 125 kW. Thus it can from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds. It has a top speed of 150 km/h. Also, it produces a torque of 250 Nm.


BMW i3 Interior

It has 4 seats. The front seats are very comfy and spacious. But a large person may struggle to fit on the rear seats. It is a subcompact so it is mostly for the people to swiftly pass through the traffic. The interior has been crafted by using only recyclable material making it environment friendly. When it comes to storage, the rear seats can be folded easily to fit all of your luggage. So that shouldn’t be the concern on your mind while buying this car.

Almost all the EV’s are going with a massive touchscreen instead of the regular infotainment system. But BMW i3 comes with standard Drive 6 interface which is used in other cars of BMW as well. In terms of connectivity, only Apple CarPlay is supported. In this section, this EV lags behind all the other EV’s in the segment.

Safety and Warranty


i3 hasn’t been tested by crash testing agencies so we can’t really comment on the car in this section. Some other features offered by BMW are:

  • Automated Emergency Braking
  • Driver Assistance
  • Cruise Control
  • Collision Warning


BMW has certainly maintained its reputation in this area by providing excellent customer support and warranty. BMW offers:

  • 8 Years or 100,000 miles warranty on the battery
  • 4 Years or 50,000 miles warranty on the car
  • Maintenance for 3 Years or 30,000 miles


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