Cheetah Stance in Tesla Model S and Model X

Tesla is the most famous brand when it comes to electric cars. As most EV enthusiasts are a fan of Tesla, They already know that all Tesla’s are the fastest available EVs in the market. But now Tesla decided to go even further with acceleration prowess of its Model X and Model S by releasing a new feature called Cheetah Stance. Earlier Cheetah Stance wasn’t available in any of the Tesla models.

Cheetah Stance Explained:

People started noticing it in their cars as soon as Tesla started rolling out its new software update. Cheetah Stance allows both of these cars to go even faster than they were able to go before(For me, even that was more than enough). The new version of the software update is v.2020.12.5.

Cheetah Stance in Tesla Model S

Even though officially the real figures about the acceleration from Tesla haven’t been released yet. But some curious people like us have tested the new update on their end. According to a YouTube channel, they were able to accelerate the Model S from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.41 seconds(That’s just crazy!!!!!!).

Cheetah Stance is a part of the control system of both of these models and when the user enables this feature, the front of the car is lowered by using another one of Tesla’s feature called Raven. So this results in improved traction while accelerating the car hence making the car unbeatable in terms of speed. 

The YouTube channel which has tested is Drag Times. They also reported that the output produced before enabling Cheetah Stance was 580 kW. But after enabling the feature, it amped up to 614 kW. Maybe someone else would be able to break this record too.

We don’t have any other details about this as of now. When somebody released official figures from Tesla, we will definitely post about that as soon as possible. Sooner or later somebody’s gonna break this record too. So, Let’s wait for that and find out. We will keep you updated!!

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