Energica EGO Electric Motorcycle

The Italian brand Energica presented this beast of a motorcycle about a year ago. But at that time it wasn’t that powerful and also didn’t have much range. Now they are back with a much-improved version. The new Energica EGO is more powerful and has more range when compared to the previous model. Now, this electric motorcycle is counted among the world’s most powerful and advanced motorcycles.

Energica EGO

Energica EGO
Energica EGO
Energica EGO
Energica EGO Energica EGO Energica EGO


Battery, Range and Pricing

Battery and Range

The Italian company offers two models of Energica EGO, EGO and EGO+.

The base model i.e. EGO has 13.4 kWh battery which provides us with a range of 200 km in a city, 160 km on a highway and 120 km for racing.

The EGO+ model has a larger battery when compared to EGO. It has a 21.5 kWh battery thus it provides a range of 400 km for city rides, 230 km for highway rides and 180 km for racing.

Note: No other electric motorcycle has a better range than Energica EGO.

We are also mentioning the range in miles so that it is easier to understand for residents of different countries.

Energica EGO: 120 miles(City Rides), 100 miles(highway rides), 70 miles(racing)

Energica EGO+: 250 miles(City Rides), 143 miles(highway rides), 112 miles(racing)


The price will vary according to the accessories and plans that you are going to choose. So kindly visit the official website for more accurate details about the price.


Performance and Recharging


This electric beast has a top speed of 240 km/h(150 mph). EGO+ model produces a torque of 215 Nm while the EGO model produces a torque of 200 Nm. The max power produced by Energica EGO is 107 kW.


Fast Charging: The vehicle can be charged up to 80 % in 40 minutes. An hour of charging leaves us with 400 km of range.

Slow Charging: In slow charging mode, an hour of charging gives the vehicle a range of 67 km.

(The charging can be configured to stop at particular battery percentage as per the liking of the owner)

Warranty, Connectivity and Other Features


The company gives a warranty of 2 years for the vehicle and warranty of 3 years for the battery or 50,000 km(31,000 miles).


EGO comes with low battery consuming Bluetooth technology. The buyer can also opt for Energica Connected Ride which is optional. You can also view nearby charging stations when connected via the mobile app of Energica. It also has a GPS monitor, Real-time clock and a Vehicle Control Unit which monitors the battery(even when turned off).

Other Features

Energica EGO has following additional features which make it an ideal ride for daily commute not just for the purpose of racing :

  • Cruise Control System
  • Traction Control with ABS
  • Front Brake with Double Floating Disks
  • Rear Brake with Single Floating Disk
  • Oil Cooled Motor
  • Back and Forth Parking Assistant
  • Four Riding Modes: Eco, Standard, Wet, Sport

How to Charge

You can charge this bike by lifting up the bike seat and plug in the charger in charging socket. It is very easy. You can monitor every single thing about your bike on the official app of Energica.


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