MG ZS EV – The Electric SUV

MG ZS EV is the first electric car by Morris Garages. Morris Garages has previously released this vehicle with petrol and diesel engines. Later on, they released that the future of the auto industry lies in electric cars and released ZS EV. In terms of looks, it is quite similar to MG Hector. While other EV manufacturers have released their cars in forms of Sedans and race cars, MG has released this car like an SUV. Now we have discussed enough about Morris Garages, let’s move on the car and its specs.


Battery, Range, Price and Charging

Battery and Range

MG ZS  comes with a 44.5 kWh usable battery. It is quite a big battery when compared to other EV’s. But it is an SUV, so it was necessary for it to have a bigger battery. ZS offers a 230 km of real-life range. MG has released this vehicle all over the world.

(The range may vary according to the climate of your country of residence)

The overall range of ZS lies between 160 Km and 350 Km.


MG EV features rapid charging technology. It can be charged up to 80% in a whooping interval of 40 minutes from a 50 kW charging port. You can also charge it at your home by using a home charger in a time interval of 6.5 hours. You don’t have to worry while going on long drives in this car because all the countries have various charging locations and ZS EV is compatible with all of them.

The charging speed of this EV is 29 Km/h while using a standard charging point. But when you are using a fast charger the charging speed is 260 Km/h.


MG ZS EV is offered in two models but we are listing the price for the standard model as follows:

Netherlands                     €30,985

India                                 20.88 Lakhs

The United Kingdom        £22,495

Germany                           €30,000

(Prices may vary according to your county of residence. Please visit the official website for more accurate details: https://mg.co.uk/mg-zs-electric/)

Performance and Interior


ZS EV can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds. The motor of ZS EV produces total power of 105 kW. When revved to its fullest, ZS EV has a top speed of km/h.


ZS EV excels in this area. ZS EV offers a lot of space as it is an SUV. People of 6 feet can easily stretch their legs in the car on all the seats(whether rear or front). Interior of ZS EV is made up of stitched leather and other beautiful materials which offers the owner a premium feel. It comes with a standard 8inch infotainment system which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also control all the accessories of ZS EV just by saying “Hey MG, turn on the air conditioning”. It also features satellite navigation system and DAB Radio.

Safety and Other Features

ZS EV offers the following additional features:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Active Emergency Braking
  • Speed Limit Assist
  • Blind Spot Reduction
  • High Beam Assist
  • ABS and EBD
  • Hill Launch Assist

ZS EV scored a 5-star rating in Euro NCAP testing, so it is as safe as it can be.


MG offers a warranty of 7 years or 80,000 miles on battery and Anti-Perforation. The paint protection warranty is offered for either 3 years or 60,000 miles.


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