New Nissan Electric Car 2020 Leaf Price Battery Life Charger Lease Used

Nissan Electric Car 2020 is defining the decade. The new Nissan Leaf 2020 comes with great handling and acceleration worth mentioning. Interior might affect you, As well it’s not the full score for this electric car. Also learning about the safety measure’s is a bit disturbing.

Nissan Leaf Electric Car 2020

Comparing the last year 2019 Nissan Leaf Range the features in new 2020 has marked up. Improvise features to note down such as lane changing warning, pedestrian detection with emergency brake and even more.  Most exciting the 8.0-inch infotainment display which also been improved over 7.0-inch displays and also comes with the Android and Apple CarPlay. As well the pedestrian will love to hear the tune when new Nissan electric car passes away.

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New Nissan Electric Car 2020

Where do Nissan Electric Car Price and Range fall?

Models Price
S $32,525
SV $35,115
S Plus $39,125
SV Plus $40,675
SL Plus $44,825

Here you will find the best model is Nissan Leaf S Plus 2020 coming with higher power motor, longest driving range as well at a reasonable price.

Also, 2020 Nissan Leaf will help to not get bored with infotainment panel of 8.0 inch including Apple Carplay and Android Auto feature, auto headlamps,  push-button start and advanced climate control.

Nissan Electric Vehicle Power and Performance

The new Nissan lead model 2020 gives a 147 horsepower, 110 kW electric motor and for this, the Nissan electric battery is 40 kWh. Another, Plus models of Nissan Leaf gives the 160 kW power, 214 hp with humongous 62 kWh battery. Getting to the testing of cars, Expert gave the timing of achieving 0 to 60 mph in 7.4 second and credit goes to those powered electric motors. Performance is faster than Volkswagen e golf but not than Model 3 or Bolt EV.

Plus models should be more powerful than normal ones, Well we will only know as to when testing concludes. The leaf is also powered with ePedal feature which not only helps in braking smoothly but at the same time recharging the battery.

Fuel Consumption and Mileage of Nissan eCar Leaf

For the SV Plus model, Nissan claimed to follow up to 215 miles but as the test concluded it came about 180 miles.

Nissan Electric Car Leaf 2020 Price

Nissan Interior

Black plastic is covered to all of the cabins and that is what makes it alive. Besides the S and SV, the model SL offers the light grey leather option. The driver can look up to speedometer and infotainment which are larger as suitable. Rare seats have been provided more of the space. Cargo capacity can take bigger loads and easier for heavy loading.  Capacity is more than its competitors Bolt EV and Niro EV.

Navigation and Infotainment

Nissan Connect software might be not suitable for everyone. But on the other hand and a larger display of 8.0 will not fail to entertain. Navigation is optional in leaf.  Music lovers may not feel happy about the Nissan Electric Car Leaf 2020 six-speaker audio capacity. Skipping to SL and SL Plus models will offer the Bose speakers of seven surround system.

Drive Safety and Assurance

Standard has been maintained in all of the Nissan Electric Cars when coming to the driver assistance and safety. Also, latest features like ProPilot Assist is a Semi-Auto made available on SL, SV and SV Plus. Following the are the important measures mentioned:

  • Automatic Braking System while detecting pedestrians
  • Rear traffic monitoring
  • Semi-Automated control in driving mode

Nissan Electric Car Battery Life

Nissan Electric Car Warranty & Costs

Leaf basic warranty follows other successors, Where the Nissan Electric Car Battery Warranty or say the life is up to 100,000 miles or eight years. Thus,  Following is the different warranty like the Nissan Electric Cars Battery Warrant and more:

  • Leaf Battery Life covers 100,000 miles or 8 years
  • Powertrain warranty from 60,000 miles or 5 years
  • Normal warranty of  3 years or 36,000 miles
  • Free complimentary maintenance not allowed

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