Tesla Model S

As everyone knows, electric cars mean Tesla. Tesla Model S was first introduced in 2012. Since its release, it has won the hearts of all the people whether they are EV lovers or not. Model S is offered in two variants: Long Range and Performance Model. As the name suggests, the long-range model is focused on providing a better range while the performance model provides much better acceleration and speed. We will be discussing the long-range model here since it is much more common. Model S Long Range has a higher range than any other EV until now. This makes it the favourite of many people while considering to buy an EV.

Tesla Model S

Since its release, many features have been added to the Tesla Model S such as the Autopilot. The most recent feature offered by latest software rollout in Model S is Cheetah Stance. We have already written an article about it. You can read about it here.

Now let’s get on with the specs and features of Model S Long Range.

Battery, Range and Price


Tesla Model S Long Range offers a real-world range of 525 km which is greater than any other EV present in the market. Range of Model S may vary between 380 km and 750 km. While driving in a city in normal weather, you can squeeze up to 750 km out of the battery of this EV. But you gotta be careful while driving on a highway in a cold-weather because it can only offer a range of approximately 380 km(Which is still a lot in my opinion).


Model S houses a massive battery of 100 kWh out of which usable battery capacity is 95 kWh. This EV supports both methods of charging i.e. Fast charging/Supercharging and normal charging.

Tesla Model S

Fast Charging: The battery can be fast-charged by using a DC charger of 200 kW. A fast charger can charge the battery to provide a range of 420 km in just 38 minutes at a charging speed of 580 km/h.

Normal Charging: The battery can be charged by using an AC charger of 16.5 kW. The normal charger can charge the battery to provide a range of 525 km in 7 hours at a charging speed of 78 km/h.

Tesla has a wide range of superchargers spread across the globe. So you don’t have to worry about the battery percentage while going on a long drive. The car automatically locates the nearest charger and shows you the location on the map.


We have mentioned pricing options for some of the countries:

United Kingdom        £82,190

India                           Not available yet

Netherlands               €88,815

Germany                     €86,800

USA                             $79,990

(The actual price of the vehicles may vary because of the accessories which you may buy with the EV and according to your country of residence. Please visit the official website for more details: https://www.tesla.com/models)

Performance and Interior


Tesla Model S can go from 0 to 100 km/h in a whopping time interval of 3.8 seconds(best in class). The motor of this EV produces total torque of 750 Nm and total power of 350 kW. The top speed of the Model S is 250 km/h which is greater than every other EV in the segment.


Model S features an attractive cabin space. It makes the user feel like he/she is sitting in an open space. The quality of the interior still can’t be matched with other brands like Audi and BMW. There is enough legroom in the front but a large person may struggle a bit to be comfortable on the rear seats.

Tesla Model S

Infotainment System: The most noticeable thing about this Tesla aren’t its headlights or design or anything else, it is definitely the infotainment system. Like any other car, you can control the features of your car like climate control, GPS and everything else. It is also equipped with other features like Android Auto, Apple Carplay etc. But what makes this infotainment system interesting is that you can watch movies and tv shows using your accounts on Netflix, Hulu etc. You can also use this display to play games as well. You will have to see it yourself to know what I am talking about.

Safety and Warranty


Tesla Model S holds the first position in terms of safety in all the luxury hybrid and electric cars. Model S has been awarded a 5-star rating by NHTSA. This rating is not just an overall rating, Model S has been awarded 5 stars in every criterion. So it does not get any safer than this.

The whole structure of Model S is made up of aluminium and steel. It has also been tested many times to reveal that even the glass roof holds the whole weight of the car in case of an accident. So you don’t have to worry about your safety while travelling in this EV. Some other safety features are:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Driver Assist System (commonly known as Autopilot )
  • Automated Emergency Braking
  • ABS
  • Traction Control
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Airbags

(Do check out the YouTube videos regarding the Autopilot System !!)


Tesla offers the following warranty and maintenance features on Tesla Model S:

  • 150,000 miles or 8 Years warranty(Updated)
  • Limited warranty for 4 Years or 50,000 miles
  • Additional 20,000 miles coverage for the long-range model

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