Tesla Model Y


Tesla Model Y is the latest model of electric car released by Tesla. Model Y is a compact crossover. This all-electric crossover by Tesla is built upon the same platform as of Tesla Model 3. Tesla’s founder Elon Musk showcased a driving range of 300 miles. He also claimed that Model Y can go from 0 to 60 mph in as low as 3.5 seconds. Elon unveiled Tesla Model Y through a live-streamed event.

There are going to be 2 models of Tesla Model Y, one with a seating capacity of 5 people and another one with a seating capacity of 7. Even though Model Y looks a lot like Model 3 but the model which features a total seating capacity of seven people is going to change a lot of things for a lot of people I believe. The deliveries of Model Y with 5 seats began in March 2020.

(The seven-seater model won’t be available till 2021).

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y Interior Interior Interior Interior

Tesla Model Y Pricing

When a person is buying an electric car, he/she thinks and researches about the range of travel provided by that model. Model Y comes in three ranges and so the price will vary according to the range that you are going to choose. The pricing is as follows:

  • Long Range: $49,200
  • Standard Range: $40,200
  • Performance: $62,200

(Honestly, I would waive off the additional 200 bucks if it was up to me!! )

Note: The prices may vary depending on the country of sale due to tax restrictions and currency exchange rates.

Tesla Model Y Size

According to the manual of this model, it is 75.6 inches wide, 187 inches in length and 63.9 inches in height. The length of the wheelbase is 113.8 inches and ground clearance is 6.6 inches.

Now in this paragraph, I am not going to bore you with 1-2 inch comparison between Model 3 and Model Y. Although I would like to mention that the owners would have a little more headroom (almost an inch) and they will also get around 5 inches more legroom with the backseat. The weight hardly matters to most people but Model Y will weigh nearly 350 pounds.

Tesla Model Y Storage

The Model Y is not equipped for towing. This model has a cargo space of 68 cubic feet. To make the most out of this space the second-row seat can be folded through various methods. A 12-volt charger is also included in the trunk.


Similar to other models from tesla, in Tesla Model Y also almost everything can be managed through the infotainment system located in the middle of the dashboard. From managing the temperature to playing games, everything can be done on this sleek looking display. You can also use apps like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu etc.

Safety Features

Tesla is already famous for its Autopilot driving system(people often upload videos of other people sleeping while travelling in a Tesla). So Tesla Model Y will also have this feature. The safety features which all the models include are emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist.



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